About The Founder

Steve started Dube’s Landscaping in 1982 after working one season for another landscape company in Nashua.  Watching his father run his own business; two of his father’s brothers own their own businesses; and two of his mother’s brothers own their own businesses, Steve knew that it was in his DNA to become a business owner himself.  It was only a matter of time.

Steve didn’t always work in landscaping though.  Steve remembers working for years, both before and after school, at his father’s diner as well as in other local restaurants in the Nashua area.  He also worked in the auto parts business for awhile.  But it only took one season working for a landscape company to realize that he had found his passion.

Back when Dube’s Landscaping was born, in the spring of 1982, there were only three or four other landscaping companies doing business in all of the Nashua area so the potential for growth was limitless.  Like all growing companies, Dube’s Landscaping has been through its share of ups and downs but has been able to weather the down times and thrive during the good times.  Steve started Dube’s Landscaping with one pickup truck and a lawn mower; his only landscaping project was cutting grass.  The company has since grown to include several pickups, a fleet of dump trucks, skid steers, excavators, front end loaders, and a large number of trailers and other specialty equipment.  The company now offers computer animated designs and is working on multiple multi-faceted landscaping projects at any given time.

Much of the company growth Steve contributes to having knowledgeable and dedicated team members that care about the success of the company.  He knows that they will do whatever it takes to complete each and every job and reach 100% customer satisfaction.  This attitude often results in repeat business and referrals from existing customers, making the success of Dube’s Landscaping directly related to its loyal customer base.

After 30 years, Steve has passed the torch onto longtime employee Marc Fortier.  In 2013 Marc purchased the company, continuing the same company philosophy that Steve started back in 1982.

Steve lives in Nashua with his wife, Laurie, who he has been married to for 32 years.  They started dating after high school and have been together ever since.  They have two daughters, Kristen and Alyssa.  For Steve, family is the most important thing to him.  It is the glue that holds everything together.

In his spare time, Steve enjoys vacationing with his family in Maine, taking cruises, and hanging out in their back yard having a cookout with family and friends.  He also enjoys playing golf and his weekly Texas Hold’em games with the boys.

Steve is an avid sports fan and follows all the major sports teams in Boston.  The New England Patriots are his favorite team and he never misses a game.