Landscape Materials

Compost Loam MaterialsDube’s Landscaping offers landscaping materials for the Do-It-Yourselfer.

All of our bark mulch, stone, topsoil, sand, gravel, and fill are top quality and available for both customer pick-up and delivery. These are the same landscape materials that we use in our landscape construction and plantings every day.

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Our screened loam is not your average sifted dirt. We “make” the screened loam (also called “topsoil”) that we sell at our landscape materials facility in Hudson, NH.  Dube’s Landscaping has invested in all the tools necessary for creating the best quality loam – a loam screening processor, front end loader, and excavator for turning compost into “black gold.” The recipe for making great topsoil is actually quite a lengthy process that is completed in multiple stages.

First we must create compost.  Almost all of the yard waste produced by the company is recycled – lawn clippings, leaves, sod, excess fill and loam removed from various local landscaping projects – all of this gets processed for composting.

It takes about three years to compost this landscape material. Before yard waste can be beneficial to plants, the raw material has to be broken down by maintaining a constant temperature in the pile. If the compost pile becomes too hot or too cold, the micro-organisms that break it down will die. We are constantly turning these piles to maintain that delicate temperature balance.

When the compost is ready for use, we blend it with native topsoil and sift it down to ½” with a loam screening processor. This ensures that our screened loam is virtually stone and debris free.  There are other local landscape companies buy our loam for use in their own landscaping projects, as well as a few landscape material centers and nurseries that sell it in their retail yards.

We also produce a compost mix. This is perfect for amending soil for use in planting beds or vegetable gardens. Shrubs and trees thrive with all the naturally occurring nutrients available to them in our processed compost. We sell our compost mix at some local nurseries and material centers – so you can be sure it’s good for your plants as well!

If you are thinking of tackling that landscaping project yourself, give us a call! We can supply you with all landscape material you need to get a professional result from your landscaping project!