Landscape Lighting

Landscape LightingDid you ever notice part of the magic of the Christmas holiday season are all of the homes that are lit up at night?

Not just colored lights and blinking bulbs, but the elegant look of floodlights washing the front of a home in soft light. And then the holidays are over and the house goes dark.

Why not have this all year round? This can be accomplished with a professionally installed low-voltage landscape lighting system.

Landscape lighting companies in New Hampshire are few and far between. Typically home night lighting is very popular in the warmer climates. Why not here? If anything, we need something to look at during those barren winter months more than our southern neighbors with palm trees and green grass all year!

Professional landscape lighting is not purchased at a big box store. If you want a lighting system that will last, do not purchase fixtures and transformers from your local home improvement store. They use thinner grades of metal and aluminum alloys in their fixtures which fade and break after a few years.

Transformers in a low voltage system step down the voltage from 120 volts to 12 volts. The transformers sold in these do-it-yourself kits are not circuit protected, and could cause a fire if a short-circuit occurs. A professionally designed system has consistent voltage to all the fixtures, resulting in the correct color at the lamp. This also extends the life of the lamp to its maximum potential, anywhere from 2000 to 5000 hours, depending on the lamp. Landscape lighting systems that are not volted properly result in dim, yellow lights that burn out quickly.

Landscape lighting starts with a plan. At Dube’s Landscaping, we always perform a site survey before designing a lighting system. Aesthetically, we want a consistent blend of ambient light, not “hotspots” and “black holes.” Once we have determined the main features of the landscape for night lighting, we then calculate the correct size circuit protected transformer needed to provide consistent voltage for long lamp life.

What about winter? A question most homeowners in New Hampshire ask regarding a night lighting system is, “do I have to shut it off in the wintertime?” The answer is “absolutely not!” The heat of the lamp inside the fixture melts the snow around it, creating a rather nice soft light effect.

You know the price of the lighting kits sold in the big box stores. And now you know about how long they will last. If you want that “Christmas feeling” year round, year after year for a very long time, call Dube’s Landscaping today and ask to speak with our designer about designing a professional lighting system for your yard!