Plantings For Your Home Landscape

Landscape Plantings Nashua NHIf you’ve ever visited a tree and shrub nursery in New Hampshire, you might be overwhelmed with the choices of plants for your yard. There are a wide variety of landscape plants available today for the home landscape. How do you know the best plant to choose for your yard? As landscape designers, there are several criteria that we use to narrow down that seemingly infinite choice.

Size. Will the plant fit in the space you are planting it in? It’s helpful to know first of all what the mature size of the tree or shrub is. Is it upright growing or spreading? In the design world we call it, “right plant right place.” You don’t want to have to move a tree or shrub once it begins to fill in and look good.

Sun or shade. As a general rule, most shade plants will do well with some indirect sunshine, but full sun plants will never do well in the shade. Some broadleaf evergreens like rhododendrons should be planted in a protected location facing west. Morning sun during cold winter months can cause these plants to wake up too soon, causing the leaves to curl and dry out.

Deciduous or evergreen. For your home landscaping plan, remember in New Hampshire we have four seasons. Consider the sun’s path and the winter winds in your yard. A deciduous tree that blocks the heat of the sun in the summer is ideal because it will lose its leaves in the winter, providing the warmth of the sun when you need it. You may want to plant evergreens on the northeast side of your property to block strong winds from winter storms. A selection of both deciduous plants and evergreens is ideal for a foundation of plantings with year-round interest.

Blooming times and colors. Once you’ve decided the first three considerations, now you can begin to choose the bloom time and colors for your landscaping plants. If you can’t get the right to bloom time or color in a shrub or tree, consider a border of dwarf growing perennials or annuals to provide a bridge of color between the seasons.

If you do go nursery-walking this year to pick out plants for your yard, take a pad of paper and a pencil with you. Write down the names of the plants that you see and like, then give us a call. Our landscape designer will be happy to meet you at your house and review your list with you, and perhaps make some other suggestions. If you like, we can provide a digital rendering of what your landscape will look like with the plants you’ve chosen, or landscape plan drawn to scale that you can use to plant yourself.