Ponds and Water Gardens

You’ve got lots of beautiful features in your yard-trees for shade, colorful flowering shrubs and perennials and lush green grass. You’ve got a nice spacious patio for entertaining. What are you missing? The answer is “sound.” What landscaping feature provides “sound?”

Koi Pond WaterfallThe answer is “water!” Koi ponds, waterfalls, and simple water features are the only natural landscaping element that provide sound! Besides the water itself, water gardens attract songbirds which add more life and sound to your yard.

At Dube’s Landscaping, we are big on creating a little water for your outdoor living space. Just because you live in New Hampshire doesn’t mean you want a pond on your property. We install a variety of water features besides Koi ponds. The water features we install for our clients in New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts are “easy” to “very easy” to maintain, depending on the type of water feature.

Here are a couple ideas to consider for your own yard:

Koi ponds. A water garden with fish is commonly referred to as a Koi pond. Adding fish and plants to a pond completes the ecosystem and keeps the pond clear, provided there is a waterfall and a sufficient sized pump to re-circulate the water. Koi ponds are not maintenance-free however. A water garden is just that- a “water-garden.” There are plants to trim back, fish to feed, and leaves to clean out in the spring. These types of water gardens are typically purchased by homeowners who like to work in their yards.

Pondless Waterfalls. These water features are a nice addition to the landscape for people who don’t want the maintenance of a pond. A pond less waterfall is a waterfall feature that cascades into a bed of River Rock. The reservoir of water remains under the stone. One advantage of a pondless waterfall for folks who like to travel is that it can be turned off without causing an algae bloom, because the reservoir of water is not exposed to sunlight. Pondless waterfalls can be designed into virtually any space in your yard.

Freestanding Water Features. Similar to a pond less waterfall, but smaller and generally quieter, a freestanding water feature is another low-maintenance way of getting some soothing water sounds into your yard. These freestanding water features may use natural granite stone, a Basalt column, or clay cistern. Water is recirculated from a basin beneath the feature and covered with River Rock or Peastone, keeping algae to a minimum. This option is best for intimate areas near a patio or sitting garden.

Dube’s Landscaping offers the installation of whatever water features you want to have in your yard. We can provide you with detailed instructions on how to care for your water feature, or a proposal to maintain it for you.