Landscaping Company - Rye, NH

For nearly 30 years, Dube's Landscaping has worked hard to earn a quality reputation for our landscape design and landscape installation services in the Rye, NH area. Simply put, our job is to design and build and beautiful landscapes and provide premium customer service. Each season, we continue to strive to be the best landscaping contractor serving Rye, NH. One of the biggest advantages to working with us at Dube's Landscaping, is that we are a one-stop shop. What we design, we can build. What we build, we can maintain.

Landscape Design - Rye, NH

Your new landscape is a serious investment. How can you visualize a landscape just by looking at a written plan? With thousands of dollars on the line, we believe you should know exactly what you're getting. Our designers use a state-of-the-art 3-D digital design software that allows you to visualize your landscape before a shovel ever breaks the ground. We'll walk you through it in real time, from multiple angles, at any time of the day or night. If there are some landscape elements that you do not like, we can make those changes on the spot. As a landscape company, it is our first priority to provide the best possible service to our clients. When you meet with our designer or estimator, we will listen to your ideas/needs and then work to create a design plan or landscape maintenance program to suit your needs and budget.

Rye, NH - Landscape Construction

Our landscape construction crews are local craftsmen from New Hampshire and Massachusetts who have been with Dube's landscaping for many years. They are skilled in the art of masonry, plant identification, and site work preparation that ensures the plants that we install will thrive. The communication between your landscape designer and the construction crew is seamless. What is communicated by you, and conceptualized by the designer is completed in the construction process.

Professional Landscape Services for Rye, NH:

Paver Patio Construction - Rye, NH

Commonly known in the industry as "hardscaping," patios provide the floor of an outdoor room, a gathering area for guests, outside dining for the family on a warm summer night, or a quiet retreat for couples after the kids have gone to bed. Dube's Landscaping has been installing concrete pavers and natural clay brick patios in Rye, NH since we started our company back in the 1980's. Back then, there were only a few choices of patterns and colors for your patio. Today there are dozens of concrete paver manufacturers with virtually every color blend to match your home siding and style. Concrete pavers are a great way to introduce elegance to your yard that lasts for many years.

Lawn Irrigation Installation / Sprinkler Systems - Rye, NH

There is much to be said about having a showy landscape with a thick green grass and healthy plants. It's what every homeowner wants isn't it? It may surprise you but the most valuable part of a showy landscape is the part that doesn't show. It is the lawn irrigation system. Although Rye, NH is a cooler climate than many parts of the country, we do tend to have hot dry summers. Having an automatic lawn sprinkler system installed can double the growth of your trees and shrubs and ensure your lawn stays green all summer.

Paver Driveways - Rye, NH

Having a paver drivewaythat lasts depends on how well the base is constructed. It is a terrible thing to go through the expense of having a paver driveway nstalled by an installer that is inexperienced, only to have to pull the whole thing up in two years as it settles and sinks. Our installers at Dube's Landscaping are certified with the International Concrete Paver Institute, (ICPI). ICPI is an independent organization that sets the standard of proper concrete paver construction based on years of scientific testing. Their research has transformed an industry that was, for many years, subject to stonemasons or gardeners installing patios the way they "felt" was right.

Retaining Wall Construction - Rye, NH

An excellent solution to a home landscape that is not perfectly level is to install a retaining wall. There are many different styles and patterns of retaining wall block available for your Rye, NH home. There are many landscape contractors who can construct a wall. A misconception made by many homeowners is that the retaining wall block itself supports the wall. The block actually does very little to hold back the earth behind it. In order to build concrete block retaining walls successfully, the installer must understand soil types and water drainage behind the wall they are building. We want your retaining wall to be an attractive addition to your yard that you will enjoy for many years to come. Whether your wall material is stone, wood or concrete block, you can count on us to do it right!

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